We offer a wide range of dental services and are consistently continuing our education so we may provide quality dentistry for our patients. Whether you need just an exam, cleaning, fillings, crown and bridge work, or veneers, we always look to achieve the best results. We consider every procedure a cosmetic procedure and work with state of the art dental labs to ensure your satisfaction.


Comprehensive Exams

Dr. Bernal will carefully and meticulously examine all of your teeth and supporting structures. We use the latest technology in digital xrays to examine the teeth and bone for caries, infections, or any other conditions that cannot be seen with a visual exam. Your oral health is key to your overall health!

Hygiene and Periodontal Therapy (Gums)

When was the last time you had a cleaning? A prophylaxis is utilized to clean and prevent or treat gingivitis. Proper oral hygiene and preventive care is very important to your oral and overall health yet often overlooked. Professional cleanings are recommended at least twice a year and in some cases more often. 

In certain situations, a "regular cleaning" will not suffice especially in the presence of periodontal disease. A full periodontal evaluation is performed on every patient. When a significant amount of calculus and bacteria have been present for too long, it can cause the supporting gums and bone to recede from the teeth leading to periodontal disease and tooth loss. A non-surgical procedure known as scaling and root planing may be sufficient to rid the teeth and gums of the active disease along with proper maintenance care. Sometimes antibiotics may also be used in conjunction. If non-surgical therapy is unsuccessful, a referral to a gum specialist will be given. 


Got cavities? No problem! We will address decayed teeth and restore them using composite resin. Composite is a great alternative to amalgam (the silver stuff). It is strong, beautiful, and will keep your teeth looking natural. 

Crown and Bridge

If one or more teeth are subject to a significant amount of decay or fracture an inlay, onlay, or full coverage crown are excellent choices for protecting and prolonging the life of remaining healthy tooth structure. There are a wide range of crown materials available that provide excellent strength and esthetics.

Root Canal Therapy

If the pulp of a tooth becomes irreverisbly inflammed, infected, or traumatized, a root canal may be done to save the tooth that otherwise would require removal. Root canal therapy is a common procedure and can have success rates up to 90% when diagnosed and treated properly. We will always go over chances of success so that the best treatment option is decided upon. If you lose the tooth there are other options!

Oral Surgery

Sometimes, teeth are beyond repair due to decay, trauma, or severe periodontal disease. Dr. Bernal prefers to save teeth whenever possible but when it is not an option, we offer a wide range of surgical procedures to suit your needs. Call us today!